1. Video showing Cyber Hero classroom training in action . . . 2. Take home Cyber Hero Americaquarterly magazine . . .
Student online entry at Woogi World. . . 4. Course Completion Award Medallions for each student . . . 5. Classroom Instruction Guide . . .
6. Student Worksheet . . . 7. Cyber Hero Day Promotional Banners (free-standing & fence-mount). . . 8. Take Home Plede Cards . . .

Classroom Resources DVD . . .
10.Classroom Theme Posters . . . and 11. Classroom Kit of all teacher & student resources . . .

Classroom Resources Kit -- Everything needed to deliver a classroom training experience
with lasting take-home impact . . .

  1. Woogi Cyber Hero Classroom Training - Woogi Cyber Hero is the #1 cyber-safety training program in America for children K thru 6th grade. Thru its online tutorial, it reinforces issues such as Cyber-Safety, Cyber-Security, Cyber-Ethics and Cyber-Health.

  2. "Cyber Hero America" Quarterly Magazine for Parents - Cyber Hero Magazine is an 82 page take home magazine designed to keep 21st century parents up-to-date with the intersecting worlds of the internet and their children. New educational opportunities, articles and products are featured, keeping each home inside of the cyber-safe zone!

  3. Online membership at Woogi World.com - Woogi World is a fun, safe and engaging virtual on-line educational environment where more than one million K thru 6th grade kids are motivated through extrinsic and intrinsic rewards to learn academics (state standards based), arts, language, character, service, health and proper Internet usage.

  4. Completion Award Medalion on Neck Strap - Every child is awarded a Woogi Cyber Hero Award Medallion to celebrate the successful completion of Woogi Cyber Hero Training.

  5. Classroom Instruction Guide for Teachers- Each classroom receives a Teacher's Guide manual with instructions, tips and ideas on how to motivate children toward a positive cyber-safety learning experience.

  6. Classroom Student Workbook- Every student receives his or her very own Woogi Cyber Hero workbook, allowing the student to build upon the foundations of cyber-safe lifestyle.

  7. All-school Cyber Hero Day Promotional Benners (2) - One 30"' x 7' fence or wall banner with grommets and one 27" x 59" free-standing banner.

  8. "I Promise" Take Home Online Safety Pledge Cards - Children take home an "I PROMISE" safety pledge card to remind the entire family that internet safety is a priority for all.

  9. Classroom Resources DVD - Each classroom receives a Resources DVD containing all of the Cyber Hero America resources for easy duplication.

  10. 5 Classroom Cyber Safety Posters - Poster artwork print files are provided on the resources DVD for classroom display -- reminds children of the foundational habits of good cyber-safety.

  11. Classroom Kit - Contains all teacher and student classroom Cyber Hero Day training, award and take-home follow-up resources.

A proven curriculum . . .

Woogi World’s mission is to inspire students to perform at their highest personal level utilizing a virtual world platform that encourages the use of 21st century tools for learning, communication and collaboration on a world wide scale.

The Woogi World CyberHero program inspires students to use new media as a positive factor in their lives as they gain awareness, knowledge, opportunities and resources to develop the skills they need to pursue life’s goals and to participate fully as informed responsible, ethical and productive members of society.

The objective is to motivate the students to train themselves to become digitally literate. Both teachers and parents are able to view reports on the child’s progress. The topics covered by CyberHero are ever changing just as the technologies are dynamic and ever changing. For example, issues of cyber ethics are experiencing vast transformation as a result of factors driven by the multi-media attributes of cell phones and the vast reservoir of information on the Internet. Using the iKeepSafe C3 Matrix, the ongoing CyberHero program will be a dynamic learning environment in consultation with the following contributing parties, updated regularly to maintain relevancy.

Click to view an outline of the Woogi Cyber Hero Program training objectives.