Sponsor a CYBER HERO DAY in Classrooms. . . as a Cyber Hero America Champion!

Cyber Hero America featuring Woggi's Cyber Hero Safety Training Program is the #1 cyber-safety initiative in the United States. Over the next five years, it is anticipated that more than 25 million K thru 6th grade children will receive personalized cyber-safety instruction in their classrooms on behalf of Cyber Hero America. Corporations all over America are eager to provide valuable training for the nation's children, keeping them safe and facilitating their online learning experience.

Cox Communications, Cisco and Walden Media have become Roundtable Partners in this initiative. Click the ARIZONA the map above to preview Cyber Hero America Arizona sponsored by Cox as they gather the corporate community together to provide for our children's health and well being.

YES, Virginia, corporate America does have a soul . . .

It is vibrant and strong, the collective consciousness of our American values. The corporate marketplace is where most of us earn our livelihood and receive services so vital to our well being such as health care and retirement planning. And it has consistently championed changes in our culture for good like equal pay for women, workplace child care and flex time to strengthen our families.

Now, corporate America is poised to make perhaps its most important contribution—the cyber health and safety of the next generation. The virtual world is the doorway to our future. A digitally savvy child has every corner of the planet at his fingertips. This cyber world pays no attention to her race or color, wealth or poverty. Virtual space is the great equalizer and virtual relationships are its lifeblood. The ability to navi- gate smoothly and safely in this digital space is a child’s passport for taking advantage of this remarkable new world.

Cyber Hero America is the new jewel in corporate America’s crown, providing for the cyber health of America’s future. In classrooms across this country, thirty-six million children from kindergarten thru sixth grade will receive cyber training—making them become strong, vibrant digital citizens. Businesses, large and small, will shoulder this most precious responsibility by providing for this critical educational experience—doing again what makes America the most unique nation on earth.

Yes, Virginia, corporate America DOES have a heart…and it beats for America’s children!